Tidal Zone

The level of water in the tidal portion of Esopus Creek is minimally affected by the shape or depth of the channel bottom at high tide. No matter how deep the channel is, the tide reaches an elevation established by the water surface elevation in the Hudson River. Daily and annual tide tables are published by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Turkey Point, Saugerties – Water Levels – NOAA Tides

The water level is also affected by storm surge from the Atlantic Ocean. Stevens Institute maintains a flood advisory system for the tidal zone. To receive alerts, register for email flooding notifications.

Tivoli Bays South – Stevens Flood Advisory System

Flood Impacts (Height in feet above Mean Low Low Water, MLLW)
8.2 Major Flood Level: Flooding affects homes on Lighthouse Drive and Ferry Street, entering garages, crawlspaces, and ground-level floors; water over Lighthouse Drive.
7.2 Moderate Flood Level: The tidal Esopus Creek begins to spill over its banks and enter yards on Lighthouse Drive and Ferry Street.
6.2 Minor Flood Level
5.2 Near Flood Level: Water over low-lying sections of trail to the lighthouse.