Ulster County Exec shares views on DEP pollution

Ulster County Executive Michael Hein’s office released an Issue Brief which outlines the County Executive’s position on NYC DEP’s pollution of the Lower Esopus. The Brief provides a helpful summary of the turbidity issue and a course of action to correct the issue. In the Brief, the County Exec insists that the NYC DEP must:

  • Stop releases immediately.
  • Develop clear water flood mitigation strategies.
  • Rescind all decisions that led to the strategy of sending polluted water down the Esopus.
  • Conduct studies involving all parties and consider all alternatives.
  • Institute low-flow releases in accordance with New York State law.
  • Download entire Issue Brief here:

      UC Esopus Brief.pdf (650.8 KiB, 879 hits)
    Issue Brief from Ulster County Executive Hein on the NYC DEP Pollution of the Lower Esopus

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