Storm tide forecasted for Monday, 12/18

For Monday, December 18th, the Stevens Flood Advisory System is forecasting a storm surge of 3 to 4 feet atop the evening’s high tide, which may cause moderate flooding along low-lying waterfront properties. High tide along the tidal Esopus Creek in Saugerties will be 6:15 PM. The water level may reach or exceed the Moderate Flood Level of 7.2′ above Mean Low Low Water (MLLW). By comparison, last year’s winter storm Elliot on December 23rd, was at Major Flood Level and reached 8.3′ above MLLW. Although lower than last year’s storm tide, it will likely enter yards on Lighthouse Drive and Ferry Street in Saugerties.

Tivoli Bays South (and Saugerties)

Stevens Flood Advisory System:

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