Release channel re-activated

The Ashokan Release Channel has been re-activated after a shutdown during Winter Storm Finn. Now that Mt. Marion stream gauge has dropped below the action stage of 18 ft,  NYCDEP will resume releases, increasing from 0 MGD to 600 MGD (928 cfs) in a series of steps that started today, January 11, at approximately 8 AM and will continue throughout the day concluding on or about 7:00 PM.

The releases are operating according to the Interim Release Protocol (IRP) to draw reservoir storage toward the seasonal storage objective of 90%. Ashokan Reservoir storage is 96.4 % today. Turbidity of the water in the release channel is 16.0 NTU. The Catskill Aqueduct is online at a flow rate of 550 MGD.

NYCDEP will continue to monitor conditions and make additional adjustments pursuant to the IRP, which stipulates shut down of release channel when creek level is within 1 foot of the “Action Stage” (18′) and is forecasted to reach “Action Stage”, as predicted on the National Weather Service forecast for Mt Marion stream gauge.