Release channel ready for shut down in response to rainfall

NYCDEP said it is prepared to shut down the release channel when the Lower Esopus water level rises. The Interim Release Protocol (IRP) stipulates shut down of release channel when creek level is within 1 foot of the “Action Stage” (18′) and is forecasted to reach “Action Stage”, as predicted on the National Weather Service forecast for Mt Marion stream gauge.

The Mount Marion forecast from the National Weather Service predicts the river stage to reach action level overnight Tuesday and peak near 19.9 feet by noon on Wednesday, January 10th.

The Ashokan Release Channel is continuing to operate at its maximum rate of 600 MGD (928 cfs) today and has been operating at this rate since December 22. Ashokan Reservoir storage peaked on December 22 at 99.4% and has been on the decline since. Ashokan Reservoir storage is currently at 93.9%, and the turbidity of the water in the release channel is 15.9 NTU. The Catskill Aqueduct is online and diverting 550 MGD for water supply. The release channel is prepared to shut down when water level reached 17 ft at Mt Marion stream gauge.

For the latest information see the Mt Marion stream gauge.