Ashokan Release Adjustments

NYCDEP reported closure of the Ashokan Release Channel for a 10-hour period on Sunday, March 24th from around midnight to 10:00 AM, prompted by the Esopus Creek at Mt. Marion stream gage exceeding the “Action Stage” of 18ft. Afterwards, the Ashokan Release Channel was gradually reactivated to a flow of 440 MGD (681 CFS). As of Monday, March 25th, the release turbidity is 2.7 NTU, Ashokan Reservoir storage is at 98.3%, above the Conditional Seasonal Storage Objective (CSSO) of 92.3%. The Catskill Aqueduct is online and diverting 375 MGD (580 CFS) for water supply. NYCDEP will continue to monitor conditions and make additional release adjustments pursuant to the Interim Release Protocol (IRP).