Ashokan release decreased

NYCDEP announced that it is decreasing the flow in the Ashokan Release Channel today (April 24) from 450 MGD (696 cfs) to 200 MGD (309 cfs). Additional decreases are expected as Ashokan storage approaches the Conditional Seasonal Storage Objective (CSSO).

Ashokan Reservoir storage combined is at 99.0% today, with the west basin at 96.6% and east basin at 100.3% with a slight spill at a rate of 51 MGD (79 cfs). The CSSO for April 24 is 98.7%, and the 30-year historical average is 100%. Turbidity of the water in the release channel is 4.1 NTU.

NYC DEP will continue to monitor conditions and make additional adjustments pursuant to the Interim Release Protocol (IRP.) Note: on May 1 the community release minimum shifts to 10 MGD, and from May 1-June 30 no CSSO is in effect in accordance with the IRP.