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Army Corps plans dredging of Saugerties Harbor

Map of Saugerties Harbor Federal Navigation Channel (SHFNC) shown in white.

According to the U.S. Army Corps Fact Sheet for Saugerties Harbor, maintenance dredging is planned for fiscal year 2024 in the tidal Esopus Creek. Existing environmental restrictions require all in-water work to be completed between August 15th and October 31th. More information is available here: Fact Sheet – Saugerties Harbor, New York

A survey of the channel from last year shows areas less than the controlled depth of 12′ in the mouth of the creek near the lighthouse and within the inside bend of the creek on north side along Lighthouse Drive. See yellow-shaded areas within the channel boundary on the Saugerties Harbor Condition Survey 2022.

Dredging will not reduce flood risk along in the tidal zone. The level of water in the tidal portion of the Esopus Creek is minimally affected by the shape or depth of the channel bottom at high tide. No matter how deep the channel is, the tide reaches an elevation established by the water surface elevation in the Hudson River.