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Releases reduced to minimum

Now that contractors have finished installing one siphon at Gilboa Dam, DEP has decreased the diversions through the Shandaken Tunnel and is stopping the operational releases from Ashokan Reservoir that allowed for installation of the siphon. Ashokan releases are returning to the minimum community release level in accordance with the Ashokan Release Interim Protocol. The Ashokan Release Channel was gradually decreased today from 220 to approximately 10 MGD, with the last decrease at 3:00PM. The current release channel turbidity is 6.5 ntu.

The new siphon was turned on today and is capable of releasing up to 250 MGD from Schoharie Reservoir. The siphon startup was coordinated with Schoharie County and Town of Gilboa officials, NYPA, NYSDEC and the NWS. DEP will use the siphon to help prevent the reservoir from spilling, thereby allowing workers to continue the dam reconstruction in the area below a temporary notch in the spillway, including the construction of a second siphon.

Ashokan releases ramping up today

NYCDEP Bureau of Water Supply will be increasing the release of water from the Ashokan Reservoir through the Release Channel Saturday December 1st. This increased release has been coordinated with NYSDEC and will not exceed 600 MGD and will last for 3 weeks. The purpose of the increased diversion is to temporarily stop the Schoharie Reservoir from spilling in order to complete the construction of at least one of the two new temporary siphons at Gilboa Dam.

The current release channel turbidity is 9.20 ntu. Releases are scheduled to ramp up in 40 MDG increments hourly, reaching 530 MGD by 4:30PM today.