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Ashokan release volume increased

Ashokan Release Channel
Based on the requirements of the Interim Release Protocol, the Ashokan Release Channel flow rate will be changed today from 10MGD to 300MGD ramped according to the protocol. Release volume will be at 150MGD by 4:30PM on Thursday, the 9th. Volume will continue to ramp up to 300MGD on Friday, the 10th.

This Spill Mitigation Release will help maintain the reservoir storage objective of 90% for this time of year and provide a void in the reservoir which will enhance flood attenuation and protect water quality. Beginning releases today is based on river and weather forecasting and will be reevaluated frequently by DEP.

Diversion to the Catskill Aqueduct remains at 300MGD. Both releases and diversion are from the west basin at this time due to good water quality.

Turbidity of water released is currently very low at 4.1ntu.

Ashokan release increased to 350 MGD

Ashokan Release Channel

The Ashokan Release Channel was increased from 250 to approximately 350 MGD. The increases were executed in 40 MGD steps from 11AM to noon. Based on the reservoir level and 7-day weather forecast, the Release Channel was increased to meet the seasonal target reservoir capacity, in consultation with NYSDEC.

The current release channel turbidity is 4.5 ntu.

Ashokan release increased to 50 MGD

Ashokan Release Channel

The Ashokan Release Channel will be increased from 15 to approximately 50 MGD. The increases will be executed in two steps from 3:30PM to 4:30PM.

The current release channel turbidity is 3.7 ntu. The Ashokan East Basin is currently spilling at 42.6 MGD.

In accordance with the Interim Release Protocol for the Ashokan Release Channel, NYCDEP is making discharge mitigation releases to meet the Conditional Seasonal Storage Objective (CSSO).