Ashokan Release Channel Reactivated, April 17, 2024

NYCDEP announced that the Ashokan Release Channel was reactivated today and flow will be gradually increased to 200 MGD (309 cfs).  The combined flow of the Ashokan spillway and release channel will be maintained below 1000 MGD (1547 cfs) as stipulated by the Interim Release Protocol (IRP).

Ashokan Reservoir storage is currently at 101.2 %. Today’s Conditinal Seasonal Storage Objective (CSSO) is 97.2 %. The turbidity of the release is 4.0 NTU. The Catskill Aqueduct is online diverting 310 MGD for water supply. NYCDEP will continue to monitor conditions and make additional adjustments pursuant to the IRP.