Ashokan Release Channel Shutdown

According to NYCDEP, the Ashokan Release Channel was shutdown at around mid-day on Friday, April 12th in accordance with the Interim Release Protocol (IRP) in response to rising creek levels and the National Weather Service forecast for the Mt Marion stream gauge .

NYCDEP is monitoring the stream gauge. Also, the Ashokan Reservoir is forecasted to spill beginning tomorrow morning and continuing through the weekend. The release channel will be re-activated once the streamflow and spill stabilizes. According to the IRP, operations can commence once Mt Marion falls below action stage so long as the combined spill and release flow rate remains below the 1000 MGD.   

As of April 12th, the Ashokan Reservoir storage was at 99.2% and the Combined Seasonal Storage Objective was at 96.0%. The turbidity of the release at shutdown was 2.2 NTU. The Catskill Aqueduct remains online diverting 400 MGD for water supply.