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Seasonal minimum releases restarted

Ashokan Release ChannelThe Ashokan Release Channel is being reactivated today at 15 million gallons per day (mgd) for community releases. The current release channel turbidity is 4.4 NTU. Ashokan Reservoir’s east basin is currently spilling over at a rate of 635 mgd. The combined spill and release rate will be maintained below 1000 mgd per the interim release protocol.

The Mount Marion gauge is currently at 16.2 ft river stage and steadily decreasing to 14.9 ft for the forecast period ending May 22 at 8:00am.

Ashokan release volume increasing to 150 MGD

Ashokan Release Channel
NYCDEP will increase flow rate on the Ashokan Release Channel from 10 mgd to 150 mgd today and maintain a draw from the West Basin into the Catskill Aqueduct. This increase is intended to keep reservoir level on target with the CSSO of 95.5% and anticipating a surplus of forecasted inflows. Release rate is expected to stay at 150 mgd through the weekend and will be reevaluated next week. Current storage in the reservoir is 94.3% with a turbidity of 5.1 NTU.

Ashokan release reduced to seasonal minimum

Ashokan Release Channel
As a result of spill mitigation releases that began on January 9th, the Ashokan Reservoir is now back to the 90% seasonal target. Therefore, the release rate will be ramped down on Friday from 200MGD to the minimum of 10MGD according to the Interim Release Protocol.

Over 9 billion gallons of water have been released from the reservoir during the month of January, and water quality remains relatively clear at under 5 NTU. Both releases and Catskill Aqueduct continue to draw from the west basin.